Some people think that big breweries don’t care as much as craft breweries. But anyone who’s met a Bud Brewmaster knows that’s a load of crap. 
Our challenge was to show the care and values that Bud imbue into the beer they brew… but in a way that has swagger and balls. 
In 60 seconds, we had to convince 114.4 million Americans that big isn’t bad. 
It’s bad-ass. 

Creative: Scott Hayes, Christine Gignac, Ben Yabsley, Rob Concepcion, Marty Routledge | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Director: Chris Sargent |Anonymous Content
Editor: Aaron Tompkins | Rock Paper Scissors
Color: Tom Poole | CO3
Post production: Tom McCullough | Method
Broadcast production: Scott Sitman | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Music production: Jonathan Wellbelove | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Music: Bauuer