You can tell a lot about someone's personality by the state of their Chucks. They’re less of a sneaker, and more of a blank canvas
to be adorned with paint, ink, mud, beer and other scars of life. 
So to create a global multimedia campaign for the Chuck Taylor, we used the sneaker as a lens through which to celebrate the creative spirits that have made them their own.
Utilising iconic OOH we turned the world into a gallery for our art exhibition that paid homage to the lives lived within Chuck Taylors.

A selection of the 300+ portraits.

Each portrait dominated subways, metrolites and iconic OOH globally.

Each major city also conducted their own curated gallery spaces which included immersive 360 experiences that allowed people to view the Chucks owners lives through Google Cardboard.

Creative: Ida Gronblom, Fabian Burglund, Robert Concepcion, Ben Yabsley, Andrew Guirguis, Ben Dean, Jane Cronk, Luca Bernardino | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Production: Jordan Spielman, Jen Aborn, Kennedy Davey | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Production: Fill In The Blank
Photography: Ben Alsop