We helped launch YouTube Music to the listeners. The ones who dig deep. Not just for the hits, but the covers, the remixes, and the live performances. 
They don't want another service streaming in the background. They want something that'll take them deeper. Something that'll help them discover and define who they really are. 

And give them the courage to express it once they find it. 
For these guys, music isn’t just what they listen to. It’s who they are.


Jaysn's Theme


Afsa's Theme


Alex's Theme


Tina's Theme


Kristen's Theme

Creative: Eric Segal, Johnny Dantonio, Ben Yabsley, Marty Routledge, Rob Concepcion | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Design: Cynthia Pratomo, Andrew Gurguis, Nate Blowers, Luca Bernandino | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Production: Andrew Loevenguth, Jonathan Doyle, Jordan Spielman, Christine Barnowsky | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Music Production: Jonathan Wellbelove | Anomaly, NYC, USA
Director: Lance Acord | Park Pictures
Director: Lance Acord | Park Pictures
Editor: Jeff Ferruzzo (Kristen, Alex), Brad Waskewich (Afsa, Jaysn), Ali Mao (Tina) | Arcade Edit
Post production: Tristan Wake, Mario Caserta, Mark Popham, Tyler Sparks, Scott Pallo | Arcade
Color: Tom Poole | CO3
Mixer: Tom Goldblatt | Audio Engine
Photographer: Olivia Bee